Looking for tips on how to take the best semi-truck photos?

Following the “four corners” rule will ensure you show the best views of your piece of equipment, from the tires to the top of the cab.

To capture the “four corners,” begin by snapping a photo of each corner of the semi-trailer truck.

Listings with lots of pictures get more views when searched for online.

Semi Truck Photo Checklist

Use this checklist when taking semi truck photos:

  • Front Right
  • Front Left
  • Back Right
  • Back Left
  • Tires / Treads
  • Meter
  • Machine Plate
  • Engine
  • Cab
  • Show any damage (being transparent can help you gain the trust of potential buyers)

Infographic: How to take semi truck photos

More Tips on Taking Semi Truck Photos to Sell Your Truck

If you want to include the best quality photos with your semi-tractor truck listing, follow these tips when setting up and taking your pictures:

  • Take your photos in natural daylight. The equipment will look the best in natural light and clear skies will ensure there are no shadows cast to obstruct the visual.
  • Use a high-quality camera. A good digital camera or smartphone are acceptable options for taking photos for equipment listings.
  • Check the background. Take a look around your surroundings to make sure nothing will take the focus off the equipment in the photo.
  • Use wide shots for the body, and close-ups for parts. Get enough pictures of the unit as a whole and individual photos for tires, attachments, engine, and other parts.
  • Show the interior as well. It can give the viewer a better idea of the controls set up and how comfortable the cab will be, if applicable.