Spartan Mowers: A Comprehensive Review and Buyer’s Guide

In the sprawling landscape of lawn maintenance, not all mowers are created equal. Spartan Mowers are known for their zero turn mowers, durability, efficiency, and comfort. Whether you’re a veteran landscaping company or a new homeowner just stepping onto the turf, this comprehensive review and buying guide will help you decide if Spartan Mowers are the right choice for you.


What Sets Spartan Mowers Apart from the Competition?

Spartan Mowers distinguish themselves with innovative design, exceptional durability, and superior performance. Here are some unique features and qualities that set them apart from the competition:

  • Design and Construction: Spartan prides itself on its robust and rugged design. Their mowers frequently feature welded tubular steel frames, which is an aspect they emphasize for increased durability and longevity.

  • Advanced Features: Some Spartan mowers offer unique features like the Spartan Key Switch, which starts the engine and can also turn on and off LED lights and other mower features. They’ve also introduced innovations like a foot-operated parking brake.

  • Integrated Technology: Some of the higher-end Spartan mowers incorporate touch screen technology, providing operators with real-time feedback on the mower’s performance and other metrics.

  • Comfort & Ergonomics: Spartan emphasizes the comfort of the operator. Their mowers are designed with ergonomic considerations, and some models feature the patented “Soft Ride” rear radial tires that enhance ride comfort.

  • Attention to Aesthetics: Beyond functionality, Spartan Mowers are also designed with a particular aesthetic in mind. Their design often gets noted for its aggressive and distinctive appearance, which some users appreciate.

  • Variety in Models: Spartan Mowers provides a diverse range of models, from entry-level residential to heavy-duty commercial, making it easier for you to find a model that fits your specific needs.

  • American Made: The company touts its American manufacturing, with all mowers made in Batesville, Arkansas. This U.S.-centric production is a selling point for many consumers who prioritize buying American-made products.

  • Pricing and Value Proposition: Spartan aims to provide a balance between premium features and affordability. They offer mowers that come with features often found in high-end brands but at a more competitive price point.

How Much do Spartan Mowers Cost?

The prices for Spartan Mowers can vary widely based on the model, features, and dealer location. Spartan offers a range of mowers, from residential models to more advanced commercial units. For used Spartan Mowers, the price can start from a few thousand dollars for entry-level models and go up to over $17,000 for high-end commercial models.

Here are some examples of used Spartan Mowers for sale through FleetNow:

SRT-HD Spartan Mower
SRT XD 2854 Spartan Mower
SRT XD 2854 Spartan Mower
KGZ XD 4061 Spartan Mower

For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing on new models, it would be best to check directly with Spartan Mowers’ official website or contact a local dealer in your area. Prices might also vary due to promotions, regional differences, or updates in their product line.

For a list of new models and baseline pricing, see below:

Spartan KGZ-XD

KGZ-XD$17,33917 galVanguard with Oil Guard System61″

KG Series

KG-XD$11,969‘King of the Grass’ stand-on mower2 engine options54″ | 61″
KG-PRO$10,199Comfort with Vortical air filtration system on engineKawasaki FT730V 24 hp54″ | 61″

SRT Series

SRT-XD$12,34913 mphFull-sized mower at mid-sized price2 engine options61″ | 72″
SRT-XDe$11,14911 mphBest value in high-end zero turn mowersKawasaki FT730V 24 hp54″ | 61″

RT Series

RT-HD$10,34911 mphBest value zero turn commercial mower3 engine options54″ | 61″ | 72″
RT-PRO$8,8199 mphFull-sized mower at mid-sized price3 engine options54″ | 61″

Spartan RZ Series

RZ-HD$7,5699 mph9.5 galParker HTE 10cc + 4 engine options48″ | 54″ | 61″
RZ-PRO$6,3498.5 mph5 galTuff Torq 450 + 3 engine options54″ | 61″
RZ*$5,5999 mph5 galTuff Torq 400 + 3 engine options54″ | 61″
RZ-C*$4,929NA5 galTuff Torq 300 + 2 engine options42″ | 54″

*Commercial Components: Ag Bearings, Belts, Blades, Idlers, Pulleys, Electric Clutches

Spartan Lawn Mower Reviews – See What Spartan Owners Are Saying

Here are just a few of the reviews posted on Google Reviews in August 2023:

QUALITY – 5 Star Review

I own a Spartan RZ-C 42in. This mower is considered a Residential mower but to be honest it’s built as Commercial mower. It features a wide wheel base that helps with cutting on banks. And the cut is as good as a Kubota or better. I would purchase another spartan and if the business grows I will be making the purchase in a year.

Mark R, Google Review – August 2023
COMFORT – 5 Star Review

I have a spartan zero turn Kawasaki engine. It’s awesome. Lawn looks great. The Spartan seat is comfortable and I don’t even know I have been sitting in it for 2 hours straight. This is some machine.

David Turner, Google Review – August 2023

SPEED – 5 Star Review

This is the best tractor I’ve ever bought. I had a John Deere. It took me three hours to cut the grass with the Spartan. I’m done in an hour and a half.

William Arnold, Google Review – August 2023

PERFORMANCE – 5 Star Review

Was originally going to buy a hustler until I saw the spartan just looked like a better built mower! Purchased the spartan and love it, cuts clean plenty of power, well designed controls did not disappoint! Only wish the mulch kit was a little better priced was hoping to purchase before leaves start falling we will see how that goes? Don’t be afraid to purchase this mower they got it right! Thanks spartan made mowing fun!

David Heath, Google Review – August 2023

I recently purchased two Spartan RZ-HD zero turn mowers and a Spartan Stand-On mower and have been nothing but impressed with them. They’re incredibly comfortable, mow very well, and are easy to maintenance. Couldn’t be more impressed with them.

Kevin Okuley, Google Review – August 2023

Where to Find Spartan Mowers for Sale

Spartan Mowers are available through authorized dealers throughout the United States. Visit Spartan Mowers’ dealer locator to find an authorized dealer new you:

Used Spartan Mowers can be bought through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, through local dealers, and some heavy equipment dealers like Ag-Pro and Mid Continental Lift:

FleetNow logo

Visit this online marketplace for used Spartan Mowers

Ag-Pro Sells Spartan Mowers

Ag-Pro is the largest John Deere dealership in North America. They sell used Spartan Mowers.

Mid Continental Lifts Logo

Mid Continental Lift in Duncan, OK sells used Spartan Mowers

Here’s a Brief Video Introduction to Spartan Mowers:

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