The Bobcat E35i Mini Excavator

The Bobcat E35i Mini Excavator is a compact and powerful machine designed for efficient performance in tight spaces. It features advanced hydraulics for smooth operation and offers a spacious cab with ergonomic controls for operator comfort. This excavator is fuel-efficient and supports various attachments, making it versatile for tasks like digging, loading, and material handling in construction and landscaping projects. Its compact design and powerful capabilities make it an excellent choice for diverse job sites requiring maneuverability and productivity.

Bobcat E35i Specs

bobcat E35i
Horsepower33.2 hp
Operating Weight7,892 lbs
Dig Depth10 ft
Weight7,893 lbs

Bobcat E35i Key Features

The Bobcat E35i Mini Excavator boasts several key features that enhance its performance and usability:

  • Compact Size: The E35i is designed to work effectively in confined spaces, making it ideal for urban construction sites and landscaping projects.
  • Powerful Engine: Equipped with a fuel-efficient engine that meets emission standards while providing robust power for digging and lifting operations.
  • Advanced Hydraulic System: Offers smooth and precise control for various functions, ensuring efficient digging and attachment use.
  • Spacious Operator Cab: The cab is designed for operator comfort, featuring ergonomic controls and excellent visibility to enhance productivity and reduce fatigue.
  • Versatile Attachments: Supports a range of attachments like buckets, hydraulic breakers, and augers, allowing for diverse applications including trenching, loading, and material handling.

What Kind of Jobs Can a Bobcat E35i Be Used For?

The Bobcat E35i Mini Excavator is a versatile machine suitable for a variety of construction, landscaping, and utility installation tasks. Its compact design and maneuverability make it ideal for urban and confined spaces. Common applications include trenching and utility installation, landscaping tasks like tree planting and pond creation, foundation work, demolition with appropriate attachments, site preparation, material handling, and road construction activities such as ditching and culvert installation. The E35i’s ability to operate effectively in tight areas and urban environments makes it valuable for diverse projects, enhancing productivity and efficiency for contractors and operators.

bobcat E35i

How Much Does A Bobcat E35i Cost?

The price of Bobcat E35i models can vary based on year, hours, and condition. Here are some examples of Bobcat E35i models for sale through FleetNow:

Bobcat E35i FleetNow
Bobcat E35i FleetNow
Bobcat E35i FleetNow
Bobcat E35i FleetNow

Where Can I Buy A Bobcat E35i?

Bobcat E35i models can be bought through online marketplaces, like FleetNow, or heavy equipment dealers like Lyon Lifts, Herc Rentals, or local dealers which can be found through the Find A Dealer page on Bobcat’s website. 

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Here’s A Video Review of the Bobcat E35i:

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