7 Ways to Increase Construction Equipment Leads

Convincing someone shopping for construction equipment to call or email you remains a challenge for every rental yard. But, if done correctly, posting your equipment for sale online is a profitable way to bring revenue into your business.

Selling construction equipment online is not new. But, it still can be confusing. Long gone are the days of placing an add in a print magazine and knowing that your phone would ring with interested buyers.

In this guide, we’ll show you seven ways to increase the number and quality of phone calls and emails that you get for your used construction equipment.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of channels you can use to drive sales leads today. First, there are services that you don’t own – equipment marketplaces like IronPlanet, Machinery Pete, or FleetNow – where you pay a per item or monthly fee to list your machines for sale, and the website does the work to market your equipment. And secondly, there are channels that you own — like your website and email list — where you can take steps to get your equipment in front of buyers.

Let’s take a look at selling heavy construction equipment through marketplaces first.

Get Construction Equipment Leads From Equipment Marketplaces

Selling construction equipment online is easier than ever on digital marketplaces. With listings easily discoverable on Bing Shopping, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and popular equipment websites, choosing to go this route is an easy way to get more leads.

Here are our top suggestions for getting the most out of the marketplace you choose.

Use lots of photos

We’re listing this first because it’s the number one thing online construction equipment shoppers ask for — photos. Taking high quality photos can draw buyers in, so take care to make yours the best they can be.

Buyers want to see real photos of the machine you are selling – not stock photos.

Start by taking photos of the four corners of your equipment. Minimally, you should include photos of the front, sides, back, tires or treads, meter, and the machine plate. Clearly showing any damage can actually help convince a potential buyer that you are being truthful with your listing.

The example below takes you completely around a JLG 860SJ, with close ups of the tires, meter and machine plate.

Construction Equipment Leads

Take your photos in natural daylight and use the best camera that you have access to. With the right lighting, 2018 or newer high-end smartphone can help your listing get clicked on.

Video: Your buyers will see and hear the difference

What’s better than photos of your construction equipment? Video!

Prestige Equipment in Colorado uses video in their equipment listings to reassure buyers that their machines work, to show them in motion, and to let them hear how the engine sounds.

No experience with video? Start with one machine and use your phone. Show the machine running, and, if you can, have it move to convince your buyer that the equipment will work for them.

Post on multiple services

It’s not a one-horse race anymore. While sites like Machinery Trader.com have been around for over 20 years, consider placing your machine for sale on more than one equipment sale website.

  • Only have one machine to sell? Sites like equipmenttrader.com let you sell individual machines.
  • Have more than one machine? A site like FleetNow allows you to post unlimited listings for the same price.

You can see the fastest growing construction equipment websites in 2020 here.


Finally, our most important piece of advice: Include a price! Units with prices on FleetNow get more leads that listings that don’t. Equipment Trader says listings with prices get 8x the conversion rate that listings without prices get!

Only you know how much that you have into your machine, or how much rental revenue that you’ve generated from it already. Scanning similar machines, checking pricing that other rental yards email out and using a construction equipment price checking tool can help you list your machine at the best price.

FleetNow users have access to an Average Pricing Tool, which can quickly tell you if your machine is priced competitively.

Get Construction Equipment Leads From Your Website

Construction equipment sellers often think of marketplaces when it’s time to sell — but don’t forget about the many ways you can sell equipment on your own.

Google My Business – Now Google Business Profile

Don’t overlook free options to promote your machines online. As most internet browsing occurs on phones, users are looking for quicker ways to find the equipment they want to buy online.

Mobile users are turning to services like Google Business Profile, which was called Google My Business up until recently, to quickly get your store hours, phone number, and address.

Construction Equipment Leads Google My Business Example

You can even move these users closer to buying with your Google Business Profile. Upload photos of the machines that you are selling. Or show buyers what equipment you have. OHR Rents, for example, showcases all of the machines that they rent within their Google Business Profile. You can see them highlighted in the previous image, under “Products.”

Use Google Ads

I’m sure you knew that the first results Google shows you when you search are typically ads, but did you know that Google only charges advertisers when someone clicks on an ad?

Writing a detailed, highly crafted description of your machine and allowing buyers looking for that machine to find you with Google Ads can be a great way to make your phone ring.

As with SEO, there are many services available to you to start selling equipment this way. See below for a checklist to follow if you are a “do it yourselfer” or check out a company that can help you manage your Google Ads.

How to set up Google Ads: A Checklist

Next Steps: Get More Construction Equipment leads

Taking the time to think through your strategy to sell more equipment can be time well spent. If you haven’t, start using more photos in listings, or add your equipment to Google My Business. Picking one of the options above and working to implement it quickly will help you get in front of buyers looking for construction equipment.

If you are interested in selling your machinery, let us know if you want help with your website or if you want to list on our online marketplace.

Have a question? IronTek will help you determine the best way to sell your equipment to meet your specific needs. Contact us today for more information.

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