Want to know how much My Little Salesman Costs? Looking to sell your equipment through an online marketplace? Read on to learn about My Little Salesman and online heavy equipment marketplaces.

What is My Little Salesman?

My Little Salesman is an online resource for finding heavy equipment, commercial trucks, trailers, and parts for sale. The service also offers dealer management software to bring all company assets together including inventory, contacts, leads, and more.

My Little Salesman was started as a print product in 1958, and transformed into a digital solution in 1996. What was once a pocket-sized guide that could fit in your hand had evolved into a widely distributed online catalog. The company later developed its cloud-based, all-in-one dealer management system to help dealers increase productivity and efficiency in their businesses.

The Texas-based company’s website receives more than 400,000 visits per month, according to SEMRush.

How does My Little Salesman Compare to FleetNow?

Dealers need to know the major pros and cons when iupt comes to the application used to find the best equipment for their project.

My Little Salesman and FleetNow both have the goal to help companies promote equipment sales across the internet. They also both offer equipment for rent.

Both resources have standard lead generation and messaging tools and help manage inventory with software that organizes machines for sale.

Where they differ:

My Little Salesman still offers a printed catalog

Alongside the popular online resource is the print publication of My Little Salesman. It focuses heavily on advertisements from dealers. Today, there is an interactive digital version of the printed piece that can be viewed on mobile devices.

FleetNow is a resource management tool

Rental yards and fleet managers can use FleetNow as an inventory management tool. It’s easy to log into your personal account and store photos, centralize and control data on machines, track rentals, calculate utilization, and price machines competitively.

Auction Listings with My Little Salesman

My Little Salesman shares listings with detailed information regarding online and on-site auctions for commercial trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment. Users can view a list of upcoming auctions, or view a comprehensive list of equipment available across all the auctions.

How Much Does My Little Salesman Cost?

When comparing My Little Salesman and FleetNow, both websites have packages in a range of sizes for businesses.

If you only want to list a few things on the My Little Salesman website, each listing will cost about $20 and will last for 30 days. Companies looking for package deals can expect to pay between about $200 to $2,000 depending on the number of unit listings. Yards with fewer than 20 units can get reduced pricing.

My Little Salesman still focuses on boosting print subscriptions as well. Though the digital subscription is free, print subscriptions are priced between $30 to $125 per year, depending on what country you live in.

There are also separate costs for all of their other services including the Dealer Management System, Customer Relationship Management software, dealer website creation, advertising, and Facebook marketing.

Is the Price of My Little Salesman Worth it?

My Little Salesman has a large audience and offers similar tools as FleetNow, but at a larger cost. For local and regional yards, FleetNow can take care of your customized services and offer a free trial.

Smaller yards pay more for basic packages with My Little Salesman. Larger enterprises may find the offerings more appropriate.

We recommend listing your equipment with FleetNow at a fraction of the cost My Little Salesman charges — sell just one piece of equipment every three months and FleetNow pays for itself.